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ohmyz - very cool replacement of boring standard bash console

If you use console a lot ( or not that much) you simply have to install this nice tool . Ton's of plugins and themes, very nice and helpful autocomplete for bunch of applications and services :

  • git
  • jira
  • github
  • composer
  • macports
  • brew
  • osx
  • nodejs
  • and so on so on

If you still thing wheather you need it or not - stop thinkign and just install it with one easy command :

curl -L http://install.ohmyz.sh | sh

Alternative ways of installation you can find here

To make zsh a default console you need to write :

chsh -s /bin/zsh

I'm a mac user, so if this commands doesn't work on your machine then i'm pretty sure that you can find how to set it up properly on your machine in Google.

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