in intellij split shortcut ~ read.

How to switch between split screens in Intellij products with shortcut

I love Intellij Products. I love working in Distraction free mode with splitted screens. It can be very handy on big screens. I also love shortcuts and one of the reasons why i love Intellij products is that mostly everything i can do from keyboard and mouse becomes unnessesary in my work, which boosts my productivity and focus. However, for a long time i couldn't figure out how can I switch between splitted screens, so i used Cmd + E shortcut which allows me to switch between previously opened files. But no more! I have finally found an answer to my prayers!. It appears that command responsible for this action is called Goto Next Splitter!. But, on Mac os it won't work for you in default config because it conflicts with Mac OS system shortcut. So, if you want to make it work for you go to Settings -> Keymap -> find Goto Next Splitter and change shortcut for it.

Now i have one more reason to reach to touchbar!

Happy coding!.

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