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Cmd+Shift+A ( Find Action ) opens Terminal with some weird error in Intellij product

As someone who uses Jetbrains products a lot, it can be really annoying when I try to use the "Cmd + Shift + A" shortcut to open the "Find Action" menu and a random terminal window pops up with some gibberish error message. Every time I get a new laptop, I struggle with this issue and have to Google how to solve it. So, I finally decided to write a blog post for me in the future to faster solve the problem

Basically, the issue is that the Cmd + Shift + A shortcut is assigned to the "Search man Page Index in Terminal" option in Services section of MacOS Keyboard settings, which conflicts with IntelliJ's "Find Action" menu. To fix this, all you have to do is go to System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> `Services, find "Search man Page Index in Terminal" under the "Text" category, and uncheck the box next to it.


That's it! Your "Cmd + Shift + A" shortcut should now work just fine in IntelliJ products without opening any random terminal windows. So, if you're ever struggling with weird keyboard shortcuts in your applications, always check your keyboard settings first. You never know, it might be a simple fix!

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