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Easily copy your ssh public key to the server

Do you know that anoying feeling when you have to type passwords every time you ssh to some dev or test server? Specially when your security measures are high and you have to copy this password from some keystore manager like 1Password or Keepas? Well, i don't remmember this feeling for a long time already since i started to put my public key to the server ssh folder and connect to it passwordlessly :) Recently i found a nice linux tool just for this operation that works great on a Mac OS as well. For installation you just need to open terminal and run :

curl -L
ssh-copy-id-for-OSX/master/ | sh

And then, when you want to connect your working machine with some server, you simply run :

ssh-copy-id username@hostaddress

And that's it:) If you want to check out details, feel free to visit this github project

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