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Running two Skype accounts at the same time on a Mac

So, as you may know, i have changed my job recently and became a Test Lead:) One of the rules in the company was to have a separate work skype account just for internal use. Not the best option for me, but it's no big deal:) In my primary skype i have a lot of contacts with my previous coleagues who help me a lot time after time, so i didn't want to abandon it. That's why after couple minutes of Googling i came to a nice solution where 2 instances of skype were running on my new shining macbook :) So, if you faced same problem as i did, here's few easy steps how to solve this problem :

  • Register second skype account if you didn't do it yet :)
  • Open skype as you usualy do and login with your first account
  • Open your terminal and type :
nohup sudo /Applications/Skype.app/Contents/MacOS/Skype
  • Login with your second account and now you can close your terminal window - second skype instance will run smoothly:)

Now, if you don't want to memorize this long command and save it for future use ( your laptop will restart eventually), you can create alias in your ~/.bashrc file:

alias skype="nohup sudo /Applications/Skype.app/Contents/MacOS/Skype"

and then just type 'skype' in your command line to run one more instance of the skype:) Actually, i'm pretty sure that with this trick you can run as much instances of skype as you your laptop resources will allow you.


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