in cataling macosx sidecar ipad black screen fix ~ read.

How to fix Dark screen on iPad in SideCar mode with Mac OS Catalina

I love SideCar. This is a super handy feature that makes buying an iPad even more reasonable. I read a lot of good feedbacks about SideCar, though I have 2 problems with it:

  1. For me, it doesn't work well on WiFi ( Maybe because I have a Wifi router with 3 bands). After a couple of minutes, the iPad picture freezes and I have to kill the SideCar app. Well, I connected it via USB and everything runs blazing fast.
  2. When I connect iPad first time, I get a black screen and the only thing that fixes it is :
    System Preferences -> Display -> Arrangements -> toggle Mirror display on and off. That's it! After this action, I can work with an iPad in SideCar mode. Thinking to automate this hack for now, until Apple will fix it.
    I hope you'll find this useful.
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