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Intellij IDEA 15 EAP Font fix for non-HiDPI screens

Yesterday JetBrains annonced release of Intellij IDEA 15 EAP and i was excited because i always like to try somethign new. When i went through list of features, i got even more excited when saw a possibility to edit your changes in "Diff" screen - i was missing it a lot. Besides that, there are plenty of other interesting features, which you can find in their blog (don't see a reason why to duplicate them here). However, i was a bit disapointed when i finally installed it on my macbook pro with retina display, and then moved the IDE to my external monitor which has 1920x1080 px screen resolution. Disappointment was in fonts that IDE used - it looked really bad on my external screen :

On macbook it looked all nice and shiny :

But, luckily Intellij IDEA has a nice Cmd + Shift + A command that allows you easily to search among all IDE options and preferences. I searched for ```Antialiasing`` and ta-da-dam !

Enabling Antialiasing - LCD Rendering in IDE and Editor made it look nice again on both my external monitor and macbook.

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