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  1. Click menu item with mouse hover using WebDriver

    Today I needed to select menu item from menu that couldn't be clicked, but had to be hovered to show all items. WebDriver has nice Actions class that easily allows you to do that : public void selectFromDropDownWithHover(String menuTitle, String menuItem, String locatorType) throws Exception { Actions actions = new Actions(manager.…

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  2. Found my own solution for WebDriver "StaleElementReferenceException" problem

    Currenlty i'm working on a WebDriver framework using Java bindings and i kept facing one problem pretty often - "StaleElementReferenceException". I think this is a big pain in the ass for every UI Automation Engineer who's working with WebDriver. I tried several approaches to fix this problem and…

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  3. How to capture screenshots on WebDriver failure

    Let's say that you have your nice WebDriver project that does some tests already. Now, you're moving this tests to Jenkins, so they would run all the time. But you face another problem - you get some errors, exceptions but it's not always obvious what went wrong and why button…

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