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  1. Running Jest tests in parallel in Gitlab with multiple jobs

    I've been working a lot lately with Jest tests. Some projects had 1k+ of Jest unit tests. Another project was using Jest for running integration and E2E tests. In both cases we wanted to get feedback on CI as fast as possible. Our initial solution was following: Split tests into…

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  2. Gitlab v14 introduces a breaking change to secrets detection job

    Recently we started to get a pipeline failure in Gitlab for one of our projects. The issues was : jobs secret detection default branch config should implement a script: or a trigger: keyword In this project we were using Gitlab Secrets Detection jobs templates like this : include: - template: Security/SAST.…

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  3. Fixing "Gitleaks analysis failed" issue in Gitlab pipeline

    In New10 we have recently moved our security scans from Snyk to Security scanner integration. Recently, when i was integrating this with another service, i got this error [INFO] [secrets] [2020-12-31T08:17:48Z] ▶ GitLab secrets analyzer v3.13.1 [INFO] [secrets] [2020-12-31T08:17:48Z] ▶ Running scan from commits file 06efd4ca11ae36382f34720e9eae3e1e6e0_…

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