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  1. How to import checkstyle rules into Intellij IDEA code format rules

    While i was working on different open source projects, i was facing with one issue - every project would have their own code style rules. Most of them are described with codestyle.xml file. That's good, because you can run something like ./gradle clean check and it will output you…

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  2. Fixing problem in Intelij IDEA with compiling classes in multi - maven project

    Today i had to import multi-maven project from Eclipse to Intelij IDEA and it appeared that sometimes it can be problematic. So, i had couple of maven projects that has common parent pom file where main structure and dependencies are described. Besides that, it has dependencies from another project that…

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  3. How to setup JIRA plugin Project in Intelij IDEA on Mac

    As i said previously in my post i came to conclusion that i need to write my own custom JIRA plugin. To do that , we first need to setup project and make sure that it's possible to debug the code you write. I usually use Intelij IDEA for writing code…

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