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Easily measuring code execution time in Scala

Recently i was working on big list generation in Scala and was wondering how much time does every approach takes in
same conditions. Let's say that we need to create a list of Ints in range from 1 to 1000 with step == 1. You could do
this in couple ways :

//approach # 1 
1 to 1000 by 1 toList
//approach #2
List.range(1,1000, 1)

You could think about other methods as well, but let's keep this 2 simple examples. Now , to calculate time needed to execute this
task you need to introduce small function that will do the job :

def time[R](block: => R): R = {
    val t0 = System.nanoTime()
    val result = block    // call-by-name
    val t1 = System.nanoTime()
    println("Elapsed time: " + (t1 - t0) + "ns")

And now in your code instead of :

val list = List.range(1,1000, 1)

You write :

var list = time {List.range(1,1000, 1)} // it will show you : Elapsed time: 104000ns

For first example of list generation we do the same :

var list = time {1 to 1000 by 1 toList} // it will show you : Elapsed time: 93000ns

As you can see, first approach is faster then second . I haven't figured out fully why is it so, but now in my applicationi know what will i use :)

Happy coding

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