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  1. Building a folder structure tree recursively with typescript and reduce

    Recenlty i was working on a new CLI tool for my company, where we would have to work a lot with file system and files manipulation. For one of the tasks i needed to have a method that would generate me a directory structure in JSON format with all child…

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  2. Generating typescript API client from Swagger

    When it comes to API Test Frameworks, I prefer to generate code and not to write everything manually. In my current company, we managed to build a Test Framework using swagger-codegen and Java bindings. It was relatively simple to set up a process where we would generate API clients using…

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  3. Running Typescript scratches in Webstorm IDE

    Recently i started to work more closely with Typescript and therefore i need to test some small ideas more often in typescript. Scratches are the best place to do that while you're building something. Unfortunatelly Webstorm doesn't support running typescript scratches out of the box. It can only understand Js…

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